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Polk County Georgia Migrations


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History of Polk County

James K. Polk

     Polk county was formed on December 20, 1851. It was craved mostly from Paulding county with a portion of Floyd County. It was named for president James K. Polk who was born November 2, 1795, in North Carolina. He was president from 1845 to 1849. The county seat was Van Wert and lay in the eastern portion of the county. On February 8, 1854, Cedar Town, as it was then called, was made the county seat.

     On January 19, 1861, representatives from every Georgia county voted to decide if the state should secede from the Union. Polk Countys representative's, W. E. West and T. W. Dupree, both voted to remain in the Union. They did join with their fellow statesmen and signed the Ordinance of Secession.