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Polk County Georgia Migrations


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James A. H. and Jane Austin Brownlow

James A. H. Brownlow, son of John A. and Susan Wimpy Brownlow, was born April 22, 1824 in Pendleton District, South Carolina. His Paternal Grandfather was John Brownlow of South Carolina John was in the Revolutionary War and suffered 13 wounds. Johns parents were William and Jane Brownlow , who came to South Carolina from Ireland in 1767 aboard the Chichester. James A. H. Brownlows maternal grandparents were Archibald Wimpy and Elizabeth Henley. James moved along with his parents to Franklin Co. in the fall of 1828 and then to Forsyth Co. in about 1835. They were members of Beaver Ruin Baptist and he is mentioned on several church rosters. On January 27, 1846 James married Jane Ann Austin in Forsyth Co. Georgia. She was born June 10, 1827 in Georgia. She was the daughter of John Gideon Austin and Elizabeth Jones. On the 1850 census in Forsyth County we find:


J.A. H. Brownlow

Jane Brownlow

Susan Brownlow age 3

John W. Brownlow age 1


In about 1855 they moved to Van Wert in Polk County Georgia. They were members of Van Wert Church. On the 1860 census in Polk County we find:


J. A. H. B. Brownlow

Jane Brownlow

Susan E. Brownlow age 14 John W. Brownlow age 10 James M. Brownlow age 8 Joseph M.Brownlow age 4 Harriet O. Brownlow age 1


The Joseph M. Brownlow with them in 1860 in his nephew, the son of his brother Obediah J. Brownlow.

With the out break of the War Between the States James joined Co. K of Floyds Legion (State Guards) . He was mustered in Cedartown. Co. K was cavalry but they had to bring their own horses and in mid 1863 his horse died. He was then placed into Co. H which was foot Infantry. The story is told that during Chickamauga Floyds Legion was guarding Rome. Their supply lines were cut and they began to starve. At this point their Colonel, Yieser, told them to get home the best way they could. He was then transferred to Woffords Brigade in the Army of north Georgia. He was captured and paroled in May of 1865 near Kingston Georgia. He made it back home and after the war he moved his family to Bartow Co. They lived in the Linewood community near Adairsville. J. A. H. Brownlow and his family were not on the 1870 census. Before the War he was a shoemaker and a leather worker but afterwards he was just a farmer. In Bartow County in 1880 we find:


Jas. H. Brownlow age 56

Jane Brownlow age 51

Susan Brownlow age 33

Jane D. Brownlow age 22

Octavia Brownlow age 21

Jackson Brownlow age 14

Julia Brownlow age 9

John Brownlow age 7


The John Brownlow mentioned above is the son of Susan E. Brownlow who had married a Witt. The census man had incorrectly listed them as Brownlows. He received a Confederate Pension in 1894 based on age and infirmity. In Adairsville they were members of Connesena Baptist Church. He had a two widowed daughters and one widowed son that were living at home at this time making a total of eleven people living in the household. Even with all of these people to support they never went without. He died June 8, 1900 in Bartow Co. and is buried at Connesena Church in Adairsville. His tombstone reads "United with the Baptist Church 1846". Jane continued to receive a Confederate pension. In Bartow County in 1900 we find:


Jane A. Brownlow age 63

Jennie D. Dyar age 44

Eula M. Dyar age 7

Thomas S. Dyar age 4

Cora A. Dyar age 2


She passed away on June 21, 1909 at the home of her youngest daughter in Floyd County Georgia and is buried next to her husband.

James and Jane were the parents of 7 children: Susan Elizabeth, John wimpy, James Madison, Jennie Delusky, Harriet Octavia, Henry Jackson, and Julia Emma.